How We Achieve Operational Excellence

Our products are distilled to culminate in trust, quality, admiration and global standards. Futuristic technology, streamlined processes and par-excellence people and methods are what blend together distinct recall for every one of our spirits.

Here’s how we bring to life the very best experiences at ABD.

Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

It all begins with the selection and germination of the most fitting spirit grains, which when stored in the ideal conditions birth the sugar base for our spirits.


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

Mashing allows for better availability of starch, where the grain is milled and agitated together with great precision and skill at favourable temperatures.


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

Fermentation is overseen by experts under controlled environments to convert the grain mash base to form alcoholic compounds through yeast culture.


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

Once fermentation is achieved to the right measure, the wort is double distilled to deliver optimum alcohol by volume ratios.


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

Depending on the blend, a variety of casks or bespoke barrels are used to infuse sensorial properties of taste, aroma and colour to the final spirit, by allowing it to mature over a period of time.


Operations @ Allied Blenders And Distillers Private Limited (ABD India)

The final stage of bottling admirable experiences occurs under close scrutiny to ensure prevention of contamination of the final product. At ABD, we also constantly innovate for more effective, tamper-proof capping technologies, which bolster the integrity of our packaging.

Detailed Process Flow
Blending Process
Bottling Process

Our Practices for Quality Control

Take a sneak peek at how we bottle the best blends at ABD led by quality in manufacturing.

We source the most fitting ingredients to bring out the very best from our raw materials as well as standardise the same high-quality experience bottle after bottle.
With every unit shepherded by sensory experts with a penchant for distinction, top quality is ensured batch-after-batch.
All personnel involved in creating our tasteful blends are empowered with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge at our state-of-the-art training centre in Aurangabad.
In order to avoid floc in our spirits, we produce high-quality demineralized water, avoiding minor chemical reactions between the minerals from water and the spirits blended.
Building the right body and flavour for our spirits is done through years of practical know-how and under the guidance of expert blenders whose skills infuse magic into every one of our offerings.
In order to ensure the smoothest operations, we employ technologically-enhanced operating procedures across all units, that are to be followed by all personnel in manufacturing.
So our spirits stay clear of cloudiness and foreign particulate matter, we follow an ultra-filtration protocol for clarity in all products.
Before our blends are bottled, experts determine if every batch stands up to our promise of quality and sensorial experience through a detailed analysis and measurement of the output.
In order to bring to you the very best experience we can offer, as well as to protect the integrity of our blends, we follow strict compliance with bottling standards and norms prescribed by all applicable regulatory and industry bodies.

Pan-India Facilities

We operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and learning and development centres across the country.

Our network includes 9 owned bottling units, 1 distilling unit and over 20 non-owned manufacturing units.

Blending Flow Chart Blending Flow Chart
Bottling Flow Chart Bottling Flow Chart