Officer's Choice Blue – Millionaire Brand
Officer's Choice Blue is a premium variant of Officer's Choice Whisky

Achieved sales of over 1 million cases in the first year of its national launch

First brand in the alco-bev industry to introduce the innovative Twist-Lock and Tear-Off caps

The brand is positioned on the platform of discernment. It targets young, stylish, confident and progressive consumers who nurse high aspirations and seek badge value in the drink they consume

Officer’s Choice Blue makes for the perfect all round whisky for every occasion.

Give in to its exquisitely crafted pure grain blend and smooth taste.

Let the harmony of the lingering taste of rich Scotch malts and the crisp texture of Indian grain spirits seduce your every sense.

The fruity exuberance and subtle peaty & woody characteristics will surely heighten your every moment.

The confluence of Scottish vatted malts and select Indian grain spirits promises to provide you an unforgettably long finish in every sip.

The perfect delight for every connoisseur
Alcohol Strength: 42.8% v/v 250 UP 750 Proof

Now available in 2ltr, 1ltr,750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 90ml packs