Officer’s Choice Black

Crafted for an exquisite experience, Officer’s Choice Black is a refined blend of Scotch malts from the Highland, Lowland and Speyside regions. Steered by a strong toasty touch of the charred oak barrels in which it matures, it builds depth from floral and fruity flavours that bring a complex sense of fulfilment in every serving. A meld of the best attributes from different sources, OC Black celebrates individuals who put forward the best of themselves, for others. It drives benevolence in success, urging one to be more than big, be great!

Available Quantity

Available in 1ltr, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 90ml

An exquisite melange that brings together the best Scotch malts infused with deep floral and fruity notes that are led by the hints of charred oak.